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Organizations Representing America’s Job Creators Support Republican Job Training Reforms

Today the House Education and the Workforce Committee is considering legislation to fix a broken workforce development system and help put Americans back to work. The Workforce Investment Improvement Act of 2012 (H.R. 4297) will eliminate dozens of ineffective programs; create a single, flexible Workforce Investment Fund; strengthen the role of job creators in workforce development decisions; and increase accountability over the use of taxpayer dollars.

Numerous organizations representing employers from across the country have voiced strong support for the commonsense solutions included in the Workforce Investment Improvement Act of 2012:

“ABC supports this legislation because it will strengthen our nation’s workforce development system by creating a more streamlined approach that focuses on businesses’ hiring and training needs, which will increase employment opportunities.” – Associated Builders and Contractors

“H.R. 4297 will strengthen the presence and participation of employers on [workforce investment boards], and this increased participation by employers will be a welcomed change to the construction industry. Local employers can ensure local job training will access workforce gaps and better fit local population needs.” – Associated General Contractors of America 

“Programs like the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) can help, but only if they are run efficiently and provide real value to all stakeholders. That is why AMT appreciates your efforts to reauthorize and improve the WIA. H.R. 4297 provides an improved framework for ensuring the maximum benefit is derived from WIA funds by consolidating programs and increasing the role of businesses.” –
Association for Manufacturing Technology

“The bill establishes a single Workforce Investment Fund, giving more flexibility to state and local leaders to direct funds towards in-demand occupations in their areas. IFA believes that together, these reforms will produce a more dynamic and locally-controlled organization that can more quickly meet the job training needs of local constituents quicker so that they may succeed.” – International Franchise Association

“FIA strongly endorses H.R. 4297 because it addresses much needed reform of our country’s job training system… Efforts must be employer-focused, demand-driven workforce development programs that focus on the needs of manufactures and combine vocational training with on-the-job training programs. We believe that H.R. 4297 helps to accomplish these goals.” – Forging Industry Association 

"Training funding should be focused on the type of training that will result in jobs. We applaud the committee’s efforts to recognize the value of industry-based credentials to the workforce training system. Credentials that have been identified by employers as necessary for success should be a priority in workforce development...Manufacturers are also pleased to see a significant effort to reform the WIA system and reduce the bureaucracy, allowing workforce training dollars to focus on training." – National Association of Manufacturers
H.R. 4297 clears away unnecessary roadblocks so that those seeking help can find it, and tailors training assistance to each individual’s needs. In addition, H.R. 4297 makes important changes to the governance and operation of state and local workforce investment boards by strengthening the role of local employers who are well positioned to know about the workforce skills needed in the local economy and can help structure training programs and delivery in ways that are best for their communities.” –
National Council of Chain Restaurants


“NRCA urges members of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce to approve this legislation in order to provide a more dynamic, effective, and accountable workforce investment system… [H.R. 4297] will strengthen the role of employers and provide more flexibility in our workforce development system.”National Roofing Contractors Association

“This legislation would begin to address the problem of too many duplicative federal training and employment programs. By consolidating programs and providing additional state and local flexibility… more adults and dislocated workers would receive the services they need in order to become – and stay – employed.”U.S. Chamber of Commerce

To watch a live webcast of today’s markup, or learn more about H.R. 4297, click here.

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