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Where are the jobs from ObamaCare?

“So this bill is not only about the health security of America. It's about jobs. In its life it will create 4 million jobs…” Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), 02/25/2010

More jobs – one of many promises made by Washington Democrats trying to sell the public a government takeover of health care. Yet more than two years since ObamaCare became law the American people are still asking: Where are the jobs? According to a new report, the jobs that were promised are being buried under a mountain of costly regulations.

An analysis released yesterday by the American Action Forum (AAF) found President Obama’s health care law has imposed $27.6 billion in new regulations on an already struggling economy, with private entities picking up more than 70 percent of the tab. As employers spend more time tied up in costly red tape, they have fewer opportunities to create jobs. And it seems Washington bureaucrats are just getting started. As AAF’s Director of Regulatory Policy Sam Batkins notes:

This analysis barely scratches the surface of the regulatory impact of this law. Not only is there still over a year until the law is fully implemented, but we only looked at data that the Administration itself has made public. By looking only at the Administration’s own numbers, they are essentially conceding the fact that the ACA will place billions of dollars in regulatory burdens on the private sector and further strain states’ budgets. With still 15 months until full implementation there’s sure to be more regulatory costs.

For the 12 million Americans out of work, this is no doubt disappointing news. However, the harmful consequences of ObamaCare aren’t only reserved for those that are unemployed. Recent news reports also reveal the law is forcing full-time workers to accept part-time hours. According to the Orlando Sentinel:

In an experiment apparently aimed at keeping down the cost of health-care reform, Orlando-based Darden Restaurants has stopped offering full-time schedules to many hourly workers in at least a few Olive Gardens, Red Lobsters and LongHorn Steakhouses.

Darden said the test is taking place in "a select number" of restaurants in four markets, including Central Florida, but would not give details. The company said there has been no decision made about expanding it.

In an emailed statement, Darden said staffing changes are "just one of the many things we are evaluating to help us address the cost implications health care reform will have on our business. There are still many unanswered questions regarding the health care regulations and we simply do not have enough information to make any decisions at this time."

Analysts say many other companies, including the White Castle hamburger chain, are considering employing fewer full-timers because of key features of the Affordable Care Act scheduled to go into effect in 2014.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. For example, the National Center for Policy Analysis warned in 2010 that ObamaCare’s unintended consequences included fewer jobs and lower wages. The director of the Congressional Budget Office testified last year that ObamaCare will destroy 800,000 jobs and this summer the U.S. Chamber of Commerce revealed over 70 percent of small businesses cite the health care law as a major obstacle to job creation.

For millions of American workers struggling with unemployment, the president’s health care law has made their search for work even more difficult. This isn’t the first time the American people have learned of ObamaCare’s empty promises, and it won’t be the last.

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