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Just the Facts: The SKILLS Act Supports the Nation’s Most Vulnerable Workers

Right now the House Education and the Workforce Committee is considering the SKILLS Act (H.R. 803), a commonsense proposal to reform the nation’s broken job training system and help put Americans back to work.

Opponents of the SKILLS Act claim the proposal will divert resources and support away from workers with unique barriers to employment, such as individuals with disabilities. However, a quick look at the facts helps set the record straight:
FACT: The SKILLS Act ensures resources are available to help all workers – regardless of race, disability, or circumstance – learn valuable skills that will lead to employment.

FACT: H.R. 803 requires state and local workforce investment leaders to develop targeted plans to serve special populations, such as dislocated workers, low-income individuals, Native Americans, individuals with disabilities, and veterans.
FACT: The SKILLS Act sets aside a portion of funds to create a statewide program to assist individuals facing unique barriers to employment. This dedicated support will help ensure the most vulnerable workers can access the support they need.

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