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Walberg Statement: Hearing on "H.R. 1406, the Working Families Flexibility Act"

Today we will discuss H.R. 1406, the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013. This important legislation would allow private-sector employees to choose paid time off or ‘comp time’ as compensation for working overtime hours. For nearly 30 years, public-sector workers have been able to earn comp time and it’s only fair to extend the same benefit to millions of workers in the private-sector.

Today's workplaces are a lot different than they were just a generation ago. Technology continues to alter the way goods and services reach consumers and cultural changes have transformed the nature of America’s workforce.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 nearly 60 percent of married families with children were headed by two working parents; roughly 66 percent of single moms and 79 percent of single dads were working. BLS also reports that for the same year 44 percent of all families included children under the age of 18.

As a result, it has become more difficult for many parents to balance family and work - but that's only one part of the American story. Each worker faces a unique set of challenges and responsibilities. For one worker, taking home some additional income to pay an unexpected car repair bill is important. For another, leaving work early to attend a parent-teacher conference is more valuable than a few extra dollars in the bank. Choice and flexibility will help workers meet the demands of their jobs and attend to the needs of their families.

That is why I am proud to support the Working Families Flexibility Act. The bill would give private-sector employees a choice between cash wages and paid time off for working overtime. This is a pro-worker, pro-family proposal that is desperately needed. 


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