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Shrinking Washington's Role in Our Schools
Student Success Act reduces federal footprint in education

America’s education system faces serious challenges, and the federal law governing K-12 classrooms is overdue for reform. But instead of working with Congress to rewrite the law, the Obama administration is using conditional waivers and pet grant programs to compel states to adopt the president’s preferred education reforms. In fact, just last week the administration announced plans to further expand its controversial waiver scheme. 

Students and parents need real solutions – not short-term fixes and more federal intrusion. They deserve a better law. That’s why the House Committee on Education and the Workforce is advancing the Student Success Act, legislation to revamp our education system and provide states and school districts the flexibility needed to deliver a better education to students. A key pillar of the legislation is reducing the federal footprint in classrooms and cutting through the red tape that limits state and local education innovation. The fact sheet below explains how the Student Success Act will significantly shrink Washington’s role in our schools: 


In a video earlier this week, Rep. Martha Roby (R-AL) said, “We trust the teachers, principals, state and local leaders who know our students best… By getting Washington out of the way, the Student Success Act will help ensure a brighter future for our kids.”

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