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Trusting State and Local Education Leaders
Student Success Act gives control back to states and schools

No one understands the needs of students better than the parents, teachers, and school administrators who spend time with them every day. Yet current law assumes Washington knows best, mandating one-size-fits-all accountability requirements that restrict states’ ability to effectively evaluate and improve student achievement. It’s time to end this top-down approach and give state and local leaders the flexibility they need to help our students succeed in the classroom. 

House Education and the Workforce Committee Republicans are advancing the Student Success Act, legislation that will reform federal K-12 education law and give states and districts more control over their schools. The following fact sheet helps explain how the Student Success Act will restore local control in our education system:              


“Across America, teachers, parents, principals, and state leaders are working to raise the bar in our schools. They are eager to innovate, challenge the status quo, and make changes that will help our children succeed,” Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV) said in a video earlier this week. “[The Student Success Act] will put control back in the hands of state and local leaders who know our kids best.” 

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