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Parents: A Student's Greatest Advocate
Student Success Act encourages parental engagement and education options

Studies show parental involvement is a significant factor in determining a child’s success in the classroom. But instead of recognizing this important role, existing federal policies have made schools more accountable to Washington bureaucrats than parents and local communities. In addition, layers of federal regulations have limited education options, preventing families from finding alternatives to their child’s underperforming school.

House Education and the Workforce Committee Republicans are advancing the Student Success Act, legislation that will rewrite federal K-12 education law and empower parents. Take a look at the fact sheet below to learn how the Student Success Act will encourage state and local efforts to improve education options:                                  

In a video earlier this week, Rep. Luke Messer (R-IN) said, “As a father of three, there are few things more important to me than ensuring my kids get a great education. The Student Success Act will make sure that all parents have a stronger voice when it comes to our children’s schools.”

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