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Did Someone Say "Glitch"?

Today ObamaCare went live in states across the country – sort of. Though the president admitted there would be “glitches” along the way, he never warned how widespread the errors in this government-run health care system would be.

Headlines highlight the delays, errors, and, yes, glitches that are creating angst and frustration as the American people struggle to navigate the next phase in the government takeover of health care:

  • Glitches hamper access to Kentucky’s ObamaCare website (Lexington Herald Leader)
  • Maryland health exchange experiences glitch in first hours of launch (CBS Baltimore)
  • Glitches hit NY’s online health insurance website (Associated Press)
  • ObamaCare exchange serving Pennsylvania serves up early glitches (PennLive)
  • MSNBC forced to abandon ObamaCare exchange demonstration after glitches (Fox Nation)
  • ObamaCare rollout riddled with glitches, delays  (New York Post)
  • ObamaCare’s Minnesota, Connecticut, and Oregon exchanges filled with glitches (Weekly Standard)
  • ObamaCare’s Missouri exchange filled with glitches (Washington Free Beacon)
  • First ObamaCare signups plagued by glitches (Miami Herald)
  • ObamaCare is here and so are the glitches (NBCNews)
  • States report glitches as ObamaCare exchanges launch (Fox News)
  • Health care act rolling out, glitches and all (
  • The glitchy error-filled misadventures of creating an account on (Washington Examiner)
  • Online health care exchange launch marred by technical glitches (The Guardian)
  • Computer glitches, overloads hit health care exchanges (Chicago Tribune)
  • Health insurance sites face glitches, crashes (USA Today)
  • Obamacare site goes live, with some glitches (Washington Post)
  • ObamaCare launch day plagued by website glitches (Huffington Post)
  • Technical glitches as open enrollment for Affordable Care Act kicks off in South Florida (NBC Miami)
  • ObamaCare exchanges riddled with glitches (TIME)

Unfortunately, today’s botched ObamaCare rollout is not entirely unexpected. As Chairmen Fred Upton, John Kline, and Dave Camp noted in a recent op-ed:

The American people face costly and onerous mandates, small businesses struggle to keep up with rising costs, doctors frustrated with the challenges of a government-run health care system, and the security of Americans’ health and financial information is unknown. 

Add October 1 to the list of dates on which the Obama administration pretends a unworkable health care scheme is precisely what the American people were promised.

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