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Kline Urges House to Help Families Hurt by ObamaCare, Support Keep Your Health Plan Act

Today the House of Representatives will consider the Keep Your Health Plan Act, legislation that will help families maintain their current health care coverage. House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) spoke in support of the bill, urging his colleagues to reject administrative gimmicks and endorse real solutions that will help families hurt by the president’s health care law.


The Keep Your Health Plan Act is about fairness. It’s only fair to let people keep the health plan they like. No one should be forced to purchase a more expensive policy because the president says so. It’s only fair to help families who are hurting across the country; the president’s plan for more administrative tricks is a disservice to each and every one of our constituents. And it’s only fair to hold the president accountable for the promises he makes to the American people.

To watch Rep. Kline’s full remarks, click here.

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