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Kline Statement: H.R. 3350, the Keep Your Health Plan Act

140,000 – that’s the number of people from my home state of Minnesota who have been notified their health coverage will be cancelled as a result of the president’s health care law.

John, a constituent from Burnsville, recently learned his own health plan is no longer available. John liked the plan he had and now has to pay 20 percent more to secure coverage.

For many people a cancellation notice means more than the loss of an insurance policy; it means losing access to the trusted doctors, pediatricians, and nurses who care for their families.

We all know how critical these relationships are, especially in difficult moments when a loved one is injured or ill. But for countless families, those relationships will soon be lost, all because Washington bureaucrats think they know best.

The president promised time and again if people liked their health care plan they could keep it. But the American people are discovering the president failed to keep his word, leaving them with only political gimmicks and a broken website.

The president may have apologized, but the country deserves a president who not only admits when he is wrong, but does what is necessary to make it right.

That is why I support this legislation. The Keep Your Health Plan Act is about fairness.

It’s only fair to let people keep the health plan they like. No one should be forced to purchase a more expensive policy because the president says so.

It’s only fair to help families who are hurting across the country; the president’s plan for more administrative tricks is a disservice to each and every one of our constituents.

And it’s only fair to hold the president accountable for the promises he makes to the American people.

If the president is sincere about undoing some of the damage his law has created, if he wants to provide real solutions for those losing their coverage, and if he wants to keep his promise to our nation’s families, then I urge the president to support the Keep Your Health Plan Act
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