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Holding the NLRB Accountable for its Ambush Election Rule

The Obama National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is once again advancing a radical ambush union election rule. The regulatory proposal would dramatically alter long-standing policies governing union elections, and ultimately stifle employer free speech and cripple worker free choice.

First proposed in June 2011, the ambush election rule would make it easier for unions to organize workers and increase the number of dues-paying members. While Big Labor is poised to reap the rewards, workers and job creators stand to lose under the NLRB’s flawed scheme. In response, House Republicans are taking action to hold the NLRB accountable for its misguided rule:

Republican lawmakers are demanding a meeting with the head of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) over a controversial union election rule. Two House Republicans
sent a letter Thursday to NLRB Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce requesting a meeting on Feb. 11 to discuss the board's revival of a rule aimed at speeding up union votes. (The Hill, “Republicans demand meeting on union election rule,” 2/7/2014)

A committee staffer told the Washington Free Beacon that the committee is entitled to know the reasons behind the decision, as it will dramatically alter how union elections have historically operated. “The board’s ambush election rule will eviscerate protections that have been provided to workers, employers, and unions for decades,” the staffer said. “The NLRB is under the jurisdiction of the Education and the Workforce Committee, and the committee is entitled to know why the board is determined to advance this radical union election scheme.” (Washington Free Beacon, “House Demands Answers from NLRB on ‘Ambush Election’ Rule,” 2/7/2014)

The Department of Labor announced on Friday that the pace of job hiring slowed in January, highlighting the latest symptom of an ailing economy. An ambush election rule that would eviscerate long-standing protections for workers, employers, and unions will only exacerbate our nation’s challenges. The Obama NLRB should scrap this misguided regulatory proposal. If it doesn’t, House Republicans will do what’s necessary to protect America’s workplaces.

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