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Moving in the Right Direction

Bipartisan, Bicameral Job Training Bill a Win for Workers and Taxpayers

This week the House will consider the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), legislation to help put Americans back to work by reforming the nation’s outdated workforce development system. Overwhelmingly approved by the Senate in June, this bipartisan, bicameral legislation embodies the principles for job training reform Republicans have long championed.

Streamlines a confusing maze of programs:

  • WIOA eliminates more than a dozen failing programs, marking the first time in over a decade Congress has sought to repeal ineffective programs.
  • The bill prevents the creation of costly new programs, including roughly half a dozen proposed by the Obama administration.
  • The bipartisan, bicameral legislation rolls back federal mandates governing the makeup of workforce investment boards, helping these important decision-making bodies represent the priorities of local communities.

Promotes skills training for in-demand jobs:

  • WIOA repeals outdated federal regulations to provide direct access to training assistance.
  • The bill will help direct more resources to training services by requiring partners at career centers to contribute to the centers' infrastructure costs.
  • The bipartisan, bicameral agreement streamlines bureaucratic eligibility requirements that have forced community colleges and other important training providers out of the system. 

Reduces administrative costs and unnecessary bureaucracy:

  • WIOA empowers states to develop a single, unified plan to coordinate the delivery of services and eliminate duplicative reporting requirements.
  • The bill requires the Secretary of Labor to navigate the approval process for a state’s unified plan through other federal agencies, removing a significant administrative burden from state leaders.
  • The bipartisan, bicameral agreement provides local leaders enhanced flexibility over the use of federal funds to help ensure the needs of local communities are being served.

Delivers strong accountability over the use of taxpayer dollars:

  • WIOA requires state and local leaders to adhere to common performance measures for services provided to adults and youth, helping to measure program effectiveness and reduce a host of reporting requirements.
  • The bill directs the Secretary of Labor to reduce funding to states not meeting their performance goals, ensuring taxpayer dollars are being spent only on effective programs.
  • The bipartisan, bicameral agreement requires an independent evaluation of all workforce development programs and activities at least once every four years.

House Republicans remain committed to spending taxpayer money in a responsible way and helping Americans get back to work. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act provides workers and taxpayers the job training solutions they deserve.

To learn about the bipartisan, bicameral job training agreement, click here.

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