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VIDEO RELEASE: Kline Urges Support for the Student Success Act

The House of Representatives is currently debating the Student Success Act (H.R. 5), legislation to reduce the federal footprint in education, restore local control, and empower parents and local schools. House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline (R-MN) highlighted the challenges facing schools under burdensome federal policies and he urged his colleagues to place less faith in the Secretary of Education and more faith in parents, teachers, and education leaders by supporting the Student Success Act.

The Student Success Act provides states and school districts more flexibility to fund local priorities, not Washington’s priorities. The legislation eliminates dozens of ineffective or duplicative programs so that each dollar makes a direct, meaningful, and lasting impact in classrooms.
The bill strengthens accountability by replacing the current national scheme with state-led accountability systems, returning to states the responsibility to measure student performance and improve struggling schools.

The Student Success Act also ensures parents have the information they need to hold their schools accountable. It’s their tax money, but more importantly, it is their children and they deserve to know how their schools are performing.
The bill reaffirms that choice is a powerful lifeline for families with children in failing schools by extending the magnet school program, expanding access to high-quality charter schools, and allowing federal funds to follow low-income students to the traditional public or charter school of the parent’s choice.

To read Chairman Kline's full remarks, click here.                                                                                

To watch a video of his remarks, click here

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