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Sweet 16

In the five years since it was enacted, ObamaCare has led to higher costs, fewer full-time jobs, and less access to trusted health care providers. That’s why House Republicans have continued working to dismantle a flawed law that is wreaking havoc on working families and small businesses. Democrats are quick to criticize these efforts, but even the president himself has given his stamp of approval to proposals repealing parts of ObamaCare.

In fact, just yesterday, President Obama signed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015. Included in the bill is a measure championed by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) that repeals ObamaCare’s burdensome auto-enrollment mandate to prevent unnecessary confusion and costly penalties for workers and employers.

The bipartisan budget agreement marks the 16th time the president has signed legislation that rolls back part of his health care law, including:
  • Repealing the job-crushing 1099 mandate, which would have imposed a substantial paperwork and accounting burden on millions of employers (H.R. 4);
  • Protecting taxpayer dollars from wasteful spending by cutting billions from the ObamaCare Slush Fund (H.R. 3630);
  • Making it easier for small businesses to hire veterans by exempting from ObamaCare’s employer mandate those who receive coverage through the military or the Department of Veterans Affairs (H.R. 3236);
  • Repealing an unsustainable entitlement program known as the CLASS Act, which was used as a budget gimmick to mask ObamaCare’s true cost (H.R. 8); and
  • Providing relief to small business employees by expanding ObamaCare’s definition of a “small employer” (H.R. 1624).

These are a just a few of the times the president has signed a bill that chips away at ObamaCare (you can read the full list here). Not to mention the more than 30 times the administration made changes to ObamaCare unilaterally. The president and his Democratic allies forced this government takeover of health care on the American people, and they should continue supporting Republican efforts to dismantle it.

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