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Working Families Take a Triple Hit Under Obamacare

Under the so-called Affordable Care Act, working families are being hit from all directions. Their health care premiums are going up, not down. They’re spending more on out-of-pocket costs because their deductibles are higher. And their choices continue to dwindle as health insurance providers flee failed Obamacare exchanges.

Now, we learn from a new American Action Forum (AAF) report that Obamacare is also suppressing wages and destroying jobs. AAF reported that the failed health care law has:
  • Cost small business employees $19 billion in lost wages per year.
  • Resulted in nearly 300,000 lost jobs at small businesses.
  • Forced at least 10,000 small businesses to close their doors.

Working families just can’t catch a break under Obamacare. On top of higher health care costs, their paychecks are taking a hit, and it’s harder to find good-paying jobs — making it all the more difficult to afford health care.

It’s time to deliver the relief the American people need. Just last week, Congress took action to put legislative tools in place to repeal this disastrous law and begin a stable transition to a patient-centered health care system.

This is only the start of a step-by-step process to provide A Better Way for every American to access quality, affordable health care. And it’s all part of a broader agenda to empower workers, small businesses, and families to succeed and prosper.

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