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Joint Employer Threat Stifles Small Business Growth

Like many small business owners, Kristie Arslan and her husband are looking for growth opportunities. They own a small gourmet popcorn shop in Alexandria, VA, and were considering opening five new locations through franchising.

But they soon realized that the joint employer threat made their expansion plans too risky. With so much uncertainty, they decided they could only open one new store instead of five.

Watch Kristie’s recent remarks in support of the Save Local Business Act (H.R. 3441) to learn more:

“We just felt that we couldn’t take the risk, in going that route to grow our business right now, until we got some certainty around joint employer and the impact that it would have on our business …

“It’s a shame that these types of regulations can really stifle that growth … For us, the hope is that we will get some certainty, so that we are able to take our business to the next level quicker, faster, and help create jobs.”

 For a fact sheet on H.R. 3441, click here.