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Rep. Roe Introduces Employee Rights Act of 2018

Today, Education and Workforce Committee members, led by Rep. Phil Roe (R-TN), introduced H.R. 6544, the Employee Rights Act of 2018. The legislation includes three major provisions that put the rights and interests of employees first. The Employee Rights Act of 2018 would create a union recertification process, guarantee secret ballot union elections, and ensure that employees will only have their union dues used for political purposes if they affirmatively choose to do so.

“Simply put, the Employee Rights Act of 2018 is about empowering worker choice,” Rep. Roe said. “This legislation isn’t about whether you are pro- or anti-union; its sole purpose is to ensure union elections are fair and transparent, and that members can hold their leadership accountable. My father was a union member, and as I’ve engaged in conversations with stakeholders across the country, it’s clear we need to restore workers’ rights to repair trust between workers and their representation, and to foster a pro-growth, pro-employee environment. I’m proud to introduce this commonsense legislation.”

“Rep. Roe’s hard work and leadership on the issues addressed by the Employee Rights Act of 2018 have been invaluable to the Education and Workforce Committee,” Chairwoman Foxx said. “This bill modernizes decades-old labor laws and the solutions offered here will go a long way in protecting worker rights.”

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