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Association Health Plans: "...a viable option for businesses and their employees."

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Remarks as delivered:

"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to share some good news with the House. Over a year and a half ago, we passed the Small Business Health Fairness Act. Small businesses were hit hard by flawed mandates, soaring costs, and limited choices under Obamacare. The Education and Workforce Committee worked hard to produce the Small Business Health Fairness Act, which expanded health care options and lowered costs for working families by encouraging small businesses to come together through association health plans and negotiate for lower costs on behalf of their employees.

"In October of last year, President Trump issued an executive order that built on the solutions in that bill, directing the Department of Labor to remove barriers and make association health plans a viable option for businesses and their employees.

"Well, it’s working. In my home state of North Carolina, individuals in the hospitality industry will soon have access to a new association heath plan that provides affordable, comprehensive coverage. Nearly half a million workers in North Carolina alone will have options they didn’t have before thanks to association health plans. 

"In Oklahoma, Chambers of Commerce at the state and local level are working with some of the smallest businesses around to form association health plans and allow these talented individuals to keep doing what they really want to do, innovating and creating the jobs only they’ll be able to create. Even farmers in Minnesota and Nebraska are finding ways to come together for better bargaining power that puts people and their health care choices first.

"Association health plans put people in charge. They empower small businesses to offer the same benefits that large companies can provide, and allow employees to choose coverage options that work best for them.

"At the Education and Workforce Committee, we have been proud to do our part to bring about this sustainable health care solution for millions of Americans. I welcome this news, and I yield back."

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