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Fighting for Affordable Options – Not Government-Mandated Health Care

Today, Committee Democrats convened a markup on H.R. 1010, a one-sentence bill that will not lower drug prices, will not protect anyone from surprise medical bills, will not lower premiums, will not cut any out-of-pocket costs, and will not provide any tax relief. All H.R. 1010 will do is eliminate short-term limited duration insurance plans which provide many Americans with insurance options in the individual health insurance market.
“If House Democrats want to attempt to codify and enshrine in the law, for posterity, their obsession with taking away affordable health insurance options, leaving hardworking Americans with fewer choices and higher premiums, that is certainly an option for them,” Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) said in her opening statement. “Republicans on this committee remain fully dedicated to protecting Americans with pre-existing conditions and unleashing new customizable, affordable, workable healthcare options that take into account the changing needs of all Americans at all stages of life.”
Committee Republicans offered the following amendments to H.R. 1010:
  • Amendment codifying the definition of short-term limited duration insurance to include a duration of 12 months that can be renewed or extended for up to 36 months;
  • Amendment allowing states to define short-term limited duration insurance;
  • Amendment conditioning the implementation of H.R. 1010 on a study by the Secretaries of HHS, Labor, and Treasury to determine whether consumers have adequate information on coverage exclusions and premium variations in marketing, application, and enrollment materials;
  • Amendment permitting short-term limited duration insurance in counties where the average Exchange marketplace premium increased by more than 20 percent from the previous year;
  • Amendment permitting short-term limited duration insurance plans in counties with access to fewer than two health care providers on the health care exchange.
Americans deserve flexible health care options at reasonable prices. Instead of boxing individuals into a one-size-fits-all health care mandate, Committee Republicans will continue to fight for expanded choices at lower costs.
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