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Democrats Cave to Union Boss Pressure, Pass Radical #PROUnionBosses Act

Today, House Democrats passed the so-called Protecting the Right to Organize Act, a radical, far-reaching bill that will allow union bosses to consolidate power, coerce workers, line their own pockets, and bolster their own political agenda.
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Republican Leader of the Education and Labor Committee, said on the House floor prior to the vote: "For nearly 80 years, federal labor law has struck a careful balance among the rights of employers, employees, and unions, resulting in a growing economy and greater prosperity. 

"But the Democrats are seeking to upend that balance and radically tilt the playing field in favor of unions—and against workers and small businesses. 

"We now have additional proof about the motivations of House Democrats for advancing this radical, special-interest legislation. It comes from Democrats’ most feared Big Labor union boss, Richard Trumka, President of the AFL-CIO, who said the following yesterday: 'Those who would oppose, delay or derail this legislation, do not ask us—do not ask the labor movement—for a dollar or a door knock…. We won’t be coming.' 

"That truly says it all. The PRO Act is all about serving the interests of union bosses at the expense of workers and business owners."

BACKGROUND: Federal law already protects employees’ right to organize, and Republicans respect this right. Any reforms to U.S. labor laws should help workers, not union bosses. The PRO Act infringes on the rights of workers and employers alike and will hurt the economy by making it more difficult and costly to invest in American workers. When the Education and Labor Committee considered H.R. 2474 in September, Democrats rejected, on party-line votes, 31 Republican amendments that would have protected worker and employer rights. 


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