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Democrats’ #PROUnionBosses Act: What They’re Saying

The House of Representatives will vote later today on Democrats’ so-called Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. H.R. 842 is radical, backwards-looking legislation that will diminish the rights of workers and employers while harming the economy and providing a political gift to labor union special interests. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what others are saying:
"The PRO Act is anti-worker, anti-privacy and anti-recovery… There is something fundamentally un-American about subjecting workers to intimidation and coercion when it comes to deciding whether and how to organize and seek representation at the workplace." – Associated General Contractors of America
"This legislation seeks to bring back detrimental employment policies to prop up unions at the expense of employee rights, worker protections, innovation, and growth." – Retail Industry Leaders Association
"This bill includes dozens of radical provisions that will drastically alter federal labor law and devastate the economy during an already difficult time…" – Associated Builders and Contractors
"… the bill would make radical changes to well-established law, diminish employees’ rights to privacy and association, destroy businesses, particularly small ones, and threaten entire industries that have fueled innovation, entrepreneurship and job creation." – Coalition for a Democratic Workplace
"… This bill is a threat to America’s workers, employers, and our economy." – U.S. Chamber of Commerce
"The purpose of the PRO Act is to increase union membership through drastic changes to well-established labor law at the expense of the rights of employees and employers…" – Independent Electrical Contractors
"The PRO Act is a misguided attempt to fundamentally restructure American workplaces and would infringe on workers’ rights to a secret ballot, workplace democracy and personal privacy." – National Association of Manufacturers
"This radical legislation would impose policies that were rejected by the judicial system, opposed on a bipartisan basis in Congress, and/or abandoned by the agencies asked to enforce them." – National Association of Wholesale Distributors
"The PRO Act would not only disrupt the workplace by upending well-established labor laws, it would compromise our economic recovery by jeopardizing investments made by the federal government on COVID relief programs, essentially setting fire to billions in taxpayer dollars." – National Restaurant Association
"The PRO Act represents an unprecedented assault on the American economy, particularly troubling in the midst of a pandemic when tens of thousands of small businesses have already been shuttered, millions more are struggling to keep their doors open, and workers are in desperate need of greater flexibility and opportunity to pursue work that allows them to juggle multiple priorities." – Americans for Prosperity
"This radical legislation would dramatically upend long-standing employment law in favor of labor unions at the expense of small businesses and employees." – National Federation of Independent Business
"Polarizing policy proposals, such as those that prohibit fair representation, coerce broad unionization across franchised systems and restrict independent contractor qualifications to the point that franchisees would be treated as employees, would hamper the economic recovery." – Franchise Coalition
"Congress is on a path to take away the choice, freedom, and flexibility that so many women depend on through the PRO Act." – Independent Women’s Forum
"The PRO Act would outlaw millions of existing jobs with the stroke of the president’s pen." – Foundation for Economic Education
"The PRO Act is one of the most anti-worker and anti-business bills that we have ever seen brought to the house floor." – FreedomWorks
"Polarizing policy proposals, such as an expanded standard for joint employer and the “ABC” independent contractor test, which would coerce broad unionization across franchised systems to the point that franchisees would  be treated as employees, would hamper  the economic recovery." – International Franchise Association
"The PRO Act contains a laundry list of items that would increase the coercive power of big labor unions under the guise of being pro-worker." – National Taxpayers Union
"By adopting the restrictive “ABC” test for independent contractors, the legislation would do more harm than good by reducing flexibility for those who prioritize the benefits of creating their own schedule." – Direct Selling Association
"The bill seeks to curb opportunities for people to work independently through traditional independent contractor roles… Congress needs to be focused on the country’s economic recovery, not pass legislation that will hinder it." American Bakers Association
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