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Foxx on Democrat Passage of Job Killing #PROUnionBosses Act

Today, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) slammed Democrats for passing H.R. 842, the PRO Union Bosses Act. At the expense of workers and job creators, this radical, far reaching legislation will allow union bosses to consolidate power, coerce workers, line their own pockets, and bolster their own political agendas. Democrats passed H.R. 842 without Committee input or soliciting feedback from business owners and workers, despite the high costs to both groups.
After Democrats passed this disastrous bill, Foxx said:
"This bill is a union boss wish list intended to reward Big Labor and special interest groups for their political support.
"Once again, Democrats have rammed through radical, partisan legislation without holding a single Committee hearing or markup. This is no way to run the People’s House.
"H.R. 842 is radical, backwards-looking legislation which will diminish the rights of workers and employers, severely harm the economy, kill tens of thousands of gig economy jobs, and put many small businesses at risk of closing for good.
"By passing this bill, Democrats have sacrificed their integrity as they bow to the demands of union bosses instead of standing up for workers and job creators fighting to achieve the American Dream."


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