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ICYMI: Union coercion threatens hardworking North Carolinians

The Pro Union Bosses Act is a threat to the American worker and job creator. The epitome of heavy-handed government influence, H.R. 842 will overturn all right-to-work laws across the country.

The bill’s egregious provisions include the invasion of worker privacy, skimming worker’s paychecks to line union bosses’ pockets, eliminating the secret ballot, and other violations of basic worker rights.

In Case You Missed it via the Carolina Journal, Rep. Virginia Foxx and North Carolina State Senator Carl Ford teamed up to discuss state and federal efforts to protect right-to-work laws.   

Union coercion threatens hardworking North Carolinians
June 11, 2021
By: Rep. Virginia Foxx, North Carolina State Senator Carl Ford

(Carolina Journal) …Repealing right-to-work laws would be a calamity. Deciding whether to join a labor organization should be a worker’s decision alone

Yet, Democrats want us to believe that a bill mandating participation in unions is “protecting the right to organize.” Thankfully, Republican-controlled legislatures, like the North Carolina General Assembly, are pushing back against the influence of powerful labor unions

As Republicans, we believe the right of workers to join a union voluntarily must be respected. However, this system works only when labor laws are written with the intention of protecting workers’ rights. Otherwise, the system encourages corruption, requiring workers to pay dues to an entity advocating for its own self-interest instead of the individuals it is meant to serve…
To read the full op-ed in the Carolina Journal, click here.
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