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Foxx: Secretary Becerra is "creating several new crises"

Today, Republican Leader of the Education and Labor Committee Virginia Foxx (R-NC) delivered the following opening statement, as prepared for delivery, at a Committee hearing examining the policies and priorities of the Department of Health and Human Services:

"There is absolutely no reason why this event should not be conducted in person in the Committee hearing room. Vaccines were taken, mask guidance has changed, yet Democrats are pursuing permanent pandemic policies to exert more control over people's lives. 
"The Biden administration inherited a pandemic that was winding down, but the administration is now creating several new crises all on its own.
"There is a crisis at the border. Human traffickers and drug smugglers are ubiquitous and rampant. The Secretary’s Department recklessly packed children into holding cells well beyond capacity limits.
"There is a crisis in our school systems. Students are most likely from six months to a year behind in their studies because the Biden administration insists on doing the bidding of teachers’ union leadership.
"There is a mental health crisis caused by Democrats’ mandated isolation policies. Our children, particularly our young girls, are attempting suicide at staggering and mortifying rates.
"There is an inflationary economic crisis. Prices on consumer goods are skyrocketing because of the Democrats’ failed stimulus policies.
"And what does this administration do with these self-imposed catastrophes it thrust upon the American people? The Biden administration proposes the most outrageous budget proposal in the history of our nation. The Democrats’ bloated budget panders to the Democrats’ most extreme socialist allies and leaves working class Americans to fend for themselves.
"Furthermore, the President’s radical health care proposals shatter the bedrock of America’s health care system — employer-sponsored health insurance — cheered on by socialist supporters in Congress. Obamacare 2.0 will be a disaster.
"The President’s morally repugnant budget also forces the public to fund abortions.
"Secretary Becerra has much to explain and unpack at today’s hearing and Committee Republicans look forward to getting answers."

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