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@EdLaborGop Requests Transparency from Chairman Scott for Upcoming Budget Resolution Markup

Today, every Republican Member of the Education and Labor Committee, led by Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC), sent a letter to Chairman Bobby Scott (D-VA) requesting he provide all Members of the Committee with draft text of the reconciliation legislation as soon as possible in advance of next week’s anticipated Budget Resolution markup.

The Members write: “It is no exaggeration to state that this legislation would fundamentally alter many aspects of American lives and the U.S. economy. Given the magnitude of this legislation, the public and Members of this Committee deserve ample time to consider the statutory text proposed by the Committee’s majority before all Members are expected to vote on hundreds of billions of dollars that will affect job creators, families, and workers.” 

The Members continued: "[O]ur shared principles of transparency and your expressed commitment to the prerogatives of all Members, majority and minority both, as well as the unprecedented size and scale of the pending legislation, provide compelling reasons for you to release a draft of the text as soon as possible. …That transparency will be an important signal to Members and the American people that you are giving due regard to the views of all Committee Members and the scope of your proposed actions.”
Full text of the letter to Chairman Scott is available here.

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