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ICYMI: Stopping Critical Race Theory Requires a Whole-of-Society Approach

Parents are fed up with our educational system, and rightly so. During an especially torturous year for students and parents, the left pushed ahead with its race-based educational agenda that sacrifices facts on the altar of “wokeness.”

As parents’ frustrations and fears for the quality of their children’s education pour over in school board meetings across the country, it is clear that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not contained to law school lectures (despite what some Democrats claim) and poses a real threat to our children’s future. To make matters worse, the Biden administration is all too willing to placate left-wing activists and teachers’ unions who push this racist and divisive ideology.

In Case You Missed It via the Epoch Times, Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) wrote an op-ed urging parents to actively oppose CRT and warning against federal intervention in schools’ curriculum. 

Stopping Critical Race Theory Requires a Whole-of-Society Approach

By: Republican Leader Virginia Foxx 
August 30, 2021

(Epoch Times) … Virtual learning during the pandemic gave parents unprecedented access to the classroom, and much of what they heard from teachers should disturb us all.

Particularly concerning is the increasing influence of critical race theory—or the idea that racism defines all aspects of society—which now permeates schoolhouses across the country…

Children must have exposure to different points of view to understand diverse perspectives. Students should learn about the hundreds of past events, noble and ignoble, that shaped the United States into what it is today. But using fifth-grade social studies classrooms to praise “black communism” advances historical illiteracy…

As senior Republican leader of the Committee on Education and Labor, I’m working to prevent the federal government from overstepping these boundaries and succumbing to pressure from critical race theory zealots. I’m putting constant pressure on congressional Democrats and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to reject this un-American theory.

And I need your help. It’s incumbent upon all who have an interest in the education system—and we all should have that interest—to reject the invasion of critical race theory material in the education system. 

Read the full Epoch Times op-ed here.
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