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Quick Take: Democrats Accelerate Biden’s Inflation Crisis

The inflation crisis is on track to hit the highest level since 1981 and is already up more than 7 percent since Biden took office. Democrats are pushing yet another irresponsible spending bill that will accelerate Biden’s inflation crisis.

Congressional Democrats are asking Americans to pay for these socialist programs twice: once with taxes from their hard-earned paychecks and again at gas pumps and grocery stores. Instead, Democrats should be focused on protecting Americans and generations to come against the increasing inflation crisis. More government spending is not the answer to a spending-induced crisis.

Democrats are placing a brick on the inflation gas pedal that push taxpayers, their children, and grandchildren to pay for left-wing proposal that will harm our economy now and obliterate economic prosperity for the future.

Today, Republican Member of the Education and Labor Committee Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) offered an amendment, supported by every Republican Committee Member, prohibiting the bill from taking effect until the Bureau of Labor Statistics certifies that the bill’s spending will not increase inflation.


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