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Foxx on Biden’s Workplace Vaccine Mandate

Today, Republican Leader of the Education and Labor Committee Virginia Foxx (R-NC) gave the following statement after the White House announced it will be ordering the Department of Labor to issue a national regulation on worker vaccination:

“Biden has no business issuing a burdensome vaccine regulation that will further harm overworked and struggling businessowners. This is a Hail Mary attempt by a president who is failing to ‘crush the virus’ and is now burdening job creators with a rushed and unprecedented regulation. This mandate will subject employers to even more financial penalties if they fail to keep up with the administration’s expensive and ever-changing policies, twisting the knife in our bleeding economy’s back yet again. Inflation is up, jobs are going unfilled, and our president is passing the buck to struggling and overworked businessowners.

“Biden isn’t ‘crushing the virus’ – he’s crushing our economy and constitutional rights.”


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