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Quick Take: A Death Knell for Small and Private Businesses

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 10, 2021

Democrats won’t be receiving any “Thank You” cards from small and private businesses any time soon.

The Democrat’s partisan spending spree includes a provision to increase civil monetary penalties radically under the Fair Labor Standards Act by 900 percent.

The National Federation of Independent Business sent a letter opposing this radical legislation. Their letter rightly pointed out:  

“FLSA violations currently operate under a strict liability standard, meaning employers who have an honest misinterpretation of the law or made an isolated mistake are not given leniency under the law...

“For example, a small employer who makes a single error and forgets that his or her employees’ hours exceeded the overtime threshold and inadvertently forgets to pay overtime to 10 employees can now be subject to $207,400 in fines…”

The Democrat approach to job creators is the equivalent of a school bully upcharging the peers they steal lunch money from.

Committee Republicans refuse to accept these egregious proposals that target hardworking Americans, their families, and their livelihoods.


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