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Democrats Advance Left-Wing Budget, Put American Freedoms in Jeopardy

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 10, 2021
Today, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement after Committee Democrats voted to advance their radical, reckless $780 billion budget reconciliation package:

“Democrats keep referring to this bill as ‘life-changing legislation.’ They’re right – every American’s life is at risk of becoming worse if this bill becomes law. It is embarrassing and shameful to kneecap the private sector and transform the United States into a nation dependent on expensive and inefficient government programs. This bill is about power and control. It is about solidifying union bosses’ stranglehold on workers, upending individual's rights in favor of government control, stifling innovation, and stealing money from blue-collar workers to pay for white-collar educations. Democrats aren’t Building Back Better, they’re Building Back Bankrupt.

“If Democrats had any interest at all in improving the lives of struggling Americans, they would not pass an unprecedented spending spree that will double down on Biden’s inflation crisis. This administration is under the false impression that government has all the answers and taxpayers will happily foot the bill for their insanity. Liberals need a reality check, not a blank check.”

Specifically, the Democrats’ legislation will:
  • Bankrupt future generations;
  • Force taxpayers without a college degree to pay for millionaires’ and illegal immigrants’ education;
  • Exact excessive penalties against private businesses but omits union bosses;
  • Target job creators unjustly; and
  • Extend the left’s war against entrepreneurship and educational freedom.
Committee Republicans offered commonsense proposals, but Democrats:
  • Refused to rein in Biden’s inflation crisis;
  • Denied parents the freedom to choose a faith-based child care provider;
  • Voted against supporting students impacted by Biden’s Afghanistan mess;
  • Blocked efforts to protect our education system from Chinese infiltration; and
  • Doubled down on radical policies that betray workers and job creators.
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