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ICYMI: The Left is Attacking Parents’ Rights

Parental rights come from God, not government

When the state tries to take the place of parents, it is a clear sign that freedom and self-government are under attack at the most fundamental level. The American people know what is best for their kids—Democrats obviously do not.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona refused to say during a hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions that parents are the “primary stakeholders” in their child’s education.

Infringing on the rights of parents is a concerning and growing trend among Democrats. What are Democrats trying to hide from parents?

Reports of sexually explicit material being found in K-12 classrooms are growing. On top of gender identity propaganda and sexually explicit material, the left has also attempted to push Critical Race Theory curriculum on schools across the nation. 

Someone needs to tell the Biden administration that our children do not belong to the federal government; they belong to their parents. 

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