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What the Supply Chain Crisis Tells Us About the PRO Union Bosses Act

Christmas is cancelled – at least, in the way Americans have come to know it.

Despite COVID-19’s waning risks on indoor gathering, Biden’s supply chain crisis is still threatening to derail the holiday. And labor unions share a large portion of that blame.

In a recent Politico opinion piece, while lamenting the perilous state of U.S. shipping logistics even before the pandemic, Rich Lowry writes, “the main culprit for this massive inefficiency is the incredibly powerful International Longshore and Warehouse Union, which has a lock on the ports up and down the West Coast…When it negotiates contract renewals, the union can effortlessly snarl freight everywhere in the West — work slowdowns are its specialty.”

In other words, the U.S. is falling behind other nations because unions are intentionally stifling growth, efficiency, and innovation. Seemingly, a President who is boasting about a supply chain task force should be on the front lines of fighting back against union bosses’ oligarchic scheme.

Instead, he wants to consolidate their power even further.

The PRO Union Bosses Act, beloved by Biden and the Democrat Party, would make instances such as this – where union demands supersede the needs of our economy - more common. In fact, the PRO Act would facilitate this type of damaging economic disruption in countless other instances.

More union involvement in business decisions.

Less power for individual workers.

More crises like the one that’s delaying shipments, spiking consumer costs, and cancelling Christmas.

All for Democrats’ own political gain.

That is just another destabilizing example of what we stand to lose if the radical PRO Union Bosses Act is signed into law.

And that is why @EdLaborGOP will not relent in our fight to protect American workers from liberal elites’ totalitarian overreach.

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