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White House Releases Plan to Use Federal Government to Boost Union Bosses’ Power

Today, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) gave the following statement after the White House released its plan, via the task force on union organizing, to increase union bosses’ stranglehold over American workers:

“It’s truly baffling to watch a President openly collude with anti-worker groups to identify government actions which will provide union bosses with more power and ensure Democrats are more thoroughly entrenched in the Big Labor movement. Democrats lack the moral compass to defend our freedoms, choosing instead to follow the flow of campaign donations. But hardworking Americans are drowning under a tsunami of new, burdensome regulations, and this report is akin to tying bricks to their feet.

“Our economy needs a hand up by ensuring additional freedom for workers and businesses to pursue opportunities. I’m calling on President Biden to suspend the task force’s recommendations, slow the tsunami of regulations, and throw workers the lifeline they desperately need.”


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