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Quick Take: The Biden Administration is Closing a Pathway to the American Dream

The Biden administration is proposing to end a popular program that connects workers with employers in the midst of a workforce crisis.

Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs (IRAPs) were created to expand apprenticeship opportunities by encouraging employer-led innovation. IRAPs give apprenticeship programs flexibility to address our nation’s growing skills gap better.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is proposing to end that path to a sustainable and rewarding career.

The Biden administration’s announcement to rescind IRAPs moves us backwards. This decision could affect at least 175 IRAPs, programs that have the potential to increase significantly the number of high-quality apprenticeships in the country. Even worse, the vast majority of these apprenticeships offer nursing credentials. Cancelling the expansion of workforce development programs for nurses in the middle of a health care worker shortage is beyond short-sighted.

We should be working hard to inject innovation and flexibility into the apprenticeship model so that more Americans can get back to work. Despite the fact that many Americans are turning to apprenticeship programs, the Biden administration has doubled down on a decision that will prevent more workers from accessing apprenticeship opportunities.

It's clear the American worker will always take a backseat in President Biden's America.

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