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Union Bosses are the Only Winners in Biden’s America

President Biden’s so-called Build Back Better agenda is a Big Labor payout. The Biden administration takes every chance it gets to bolster the power of union bosses, even signing an executive order to create a task force to force more workers into unions.

Biden’s massive spending bill includes billions of dollars in green energy projects designed to benefit Big Labor. For example, under Democrats’ spending plan, those who purchase an electric car made by union workers will get a $12,500 tax write-off while those who purchase an electric car made by non-unionized workers will get less than half that. Choosing Big Labor special interests over the American worker is the Biden way.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 6.3 percent of America’s private-sector workforce is unionized. Yet, under President Biden, unions get out-sized benefits. The Biden administration should get out of the business of choosing winners and losers.

From 2010-2018, unions sent more than $1.6 billion to left wing groups like Planned Parenthood and the Clinton Foundation. Of the $217 million donated by the labor sector from 2019-2020, 90 percent of that went to Democrats. With hundreds of millions of dollars on the line, it is no wonder that Democrats are eager to bulldoze American workers forcing them into unions.

If President Biden was half as committed to workers and business owners as he is to union bosses, our economy would have recovered by now. It is time for the Biden administration to make all American workers a priority, not just those in unions.

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