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Foxx: Put the Needs of Students Above Political Interests 


During today’s House Republican roundtable, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) discussed the totalitarian control of teachers unions, the Parent Revolution, and the power of educational freedom.

Republican Leader Foxx's remarks as prepared for delivery: 

"As an educator and a grandmother, I am deeply invested in seeing our students offered the highest quality education possible. That is exactly what Republicans are fighting for.
"What we have seen exposed over the past two years is a bureaucracy first, students last mentality. It has been plaguing our nation’s schools for too long.
"One thing this pandemic gave many parents was a window into what’s been going on in traditional public schools—and parents aren’t happy.
"They are seeing special interests take priority over the interests of our students as demonstrated through the months-long school closures. They’ve also seen activists who want to exploit our classrooms by pushing their own political agenda. And they’ve seen efforts to diminish the quality of education under the cover of equity.
"Parents are fed up and so am I. Parents are making their voices heard. They are showing up at school board meetings and pushing back against the teachers unions keeping their children out of school. This Parent Revolution is signaling a new era in education.
"In Congress we are fighting to break the monopoly of traditional government schools and the totalitarian control of teachers unions so parents can choose the best learning environment for their child. Educational freedom is powerful. The opportunity to obtain an excellent education should not be limited by zip code.  
"We also introduced the Parents Bill of Rights to increase transparency and accountability in K-12 schools.
"And we are holding the Biden administration accountable. Weaponizing the federal law enforcement apparatus to target concerned parents is appalling.
"It’s our duty to make our education system the best that it can be. This means putting the needs of students above the political interests of teachers unions and above the education bureaucracy’s thirst for control."  


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