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School Choice Ensures Parents Have a Say in What Their Children Learn

Washington bureaucrats do not know what is best for your child.

Parents are the primary stakeholders in their child’s education. They are the ones with the moral obligation to see that their child receives an education; this duty cannot fall to the government. The left’s paternalistic attempts to insert themselves into the everyday lives of families, particularly when it comes to education, is dangerous.

School choice allows parents to choose a school that aligns with their values and that will meet their child’s unique needs. Leaving bureaucrats to make the best choice for children never works.

History demonstrates that the left’s instincts about educating children is not just wrong; it is harmful and dangerous. Over the past sixty years, the left has staged a takeover of K-12 education. During that time, leftist ideologues have sought to brainwash children, teaching them that the pillars of western civilization are evil, that there is no morality governing sexual relationships, that our country’s systems and institutions are racist, that sex and gender are social constructs, and that a free market is oppressive. With all this happening in K-12 schools, it is even more ridiculous that politicians like Representative John Yarmuth would dare to claim that, “[w]e need to protect kids from their parents.” Bureaucrats running the education establishment care more about advancing their radical ideology than protecting students.

When the protection of children is left to the education establishment and teachers unions, we get school closures, obscene books in school libraries, Critical Race Theory-inspired curriculum in classrooms, and worse education outcomes. Clearly, the education oligarchy has no intention of putting students first—that’s where parents come in. Parents are a student’s best advocates. 

An attack on parental rights is an attack on self-government and freedom. Parents deserve a say in the curriculum their child is being taught, and they should be allowed to express concern about their child’s education without being maligned as “domestic terrorists.” School choice ensures that the concerns of parents aren’t drowned out by the amplified voices of vindictive teachers unions and education bureaucrats.

A parent should not have to wait for their child’s school to fail or disappoint them to find the right fit for their child. But especially when parents are not happy with their child’s zoned school, they should have the right to move their child elsewhere. There is no excuse for keeping families trapped at schools that do not meet their needs or align with their values. This is the essence of self-government.

School choice empowers parents. Education monopolies silence them.

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