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Democrats’ Anti-Worker Polices Won’t Help Our Country Compete with China

Democrats are sneaking anti-worker and pro-union boss policies into their China bill. These provisions hurt our workforce and hold our economy back, ultimately making us less able to compete with China.

Card Check Amendment

Democrats’ “Card Check” amendment gets rid of the secret ballot for union elections, a hallmark of free and fair elections.

If this becomes law, a union can be immediately formed once 51 percent of workers sign an authorization card.  

Relying on the signing of authorization cards as a de-facto vote for unionization means workers’ votes will no longer be secret, subjecting them to immense public pressure from union bosses, management, and even fellow employees.

Secret ballots are proven to be effective; they prevent bribery, bullying, threats, and other forms of coercing votes. Destroying this staple of free and fair elections is undemocratic.

Ultimately, it silences the voices of workers.

This “Card Check” amendment is clearly about Democrats’ radical agenda to force all workers into a union against their will. This brazen amendment gives Big Labor unchecked advantages and leverage, while completely disregarding the rights and the voices of workers. This amendment puts union bosses before workers and chooses force over choice.

Davis-Bacon Requirements

These partisan provisions push small businesses and independent workers out of the running for federally funded construction projects. By forcing contractors to pay so-called “prevailing wages,” which are calculated by unscientific government surveys that put a thumb on the scale in favor of unions, the bill discourages small and non-union contractors from competing on these projects. Democrats add these harmful provisions that give an unfair advantage to unions despite the fact that more than 87 percent of construction workers do not choose to belong to a union.

Additionally, because of a fundamentally flawed wage survey process that has repeatedly been skewered by government watchdogs, taxpayers end up footing a much higher bill for federal construction projects than necessary. According to the Heritage Foundation, Davis-Bacon requirements drive up federal construction costs by 10 percent, costing taxpayers approximately $10.9 billion a year.

Moreover, according to the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Labor’s method for calculating a prevailing wage is unscientific and provides inaccurate results.

Using the heavy hand of government always skews results. Yet Democrats insist on taking a page out of the socialist’s handbook in their attempt to exert more and more control over the economy.

Tying the hands of job creators won’t help America compete with China; it will help the U.S. concede to China.   
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