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Foxx: The Levin Amendment Puts Bureaucracy in the Express Lane

Today, Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement after the passage of the Levin amendment, a conduit for the federal government to track every college student in America through their adult lives without their consent:

“If House Democrats were looking to resurrect Joseph McCarthy’s political tactics from the 1950’s, they’ve succeeded. The Levin amendment is nothing more than Pandora’s box that, if opened, would allow Washington bureaucrats to control the lives of every student and college graduate who calls this great nation home. This is precisely how authoritarian regimes assume power.

“The more information the federal government has, the more they can control and that is exactly what this amendment is about - more control. From registries to lists, databases to files, bureaucrats would have unfettered access to pry into the lives of Americans. No amount of public relations spin from supporters can hide the indisputable fact that this amendment is not about ensuring transparency and accountability. It is pure political hackery.”


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