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Foxx on Biden’s State of the Union in Crisis

Education and Labor Committee Republican Leader Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement reacting to President Biden’s State of the Union in crisis:

“Tonight, the American people did not watch a State of the Union address. They did not see a resolute leader provide an accurate assessment of our country’s trajectory. What they watched was the leader of the free world draw a caricature of America that is entirely disconnected from reality — as if to distract Americans from the impact they are being forced to deal with because of the administration’s disastrous economic policies.

“It’s unacceptable that President Biden failed to offer solutions to lift America from a malaise he caused, particularly as unabashed authoritarians strike at the promise of freedom that has made America exceptional. The American people deserve far better than the progressive political agenda of this administration that has harmed the entire country.

“Americans deserve more than unmanageable inflation, rising college costs, more centralized health care, and attempts by Democrats to nationalize child care and keep families from choosing the school that is right for their child. Americans deserve more than tyrannical vaccine mandates, anti-worker policies, and more predatory regulations on job creators and independent contractors. Americans deserve more than bills that allow the Communist Chinese Party to continue spreading its propaganda on college campuses, and Americans deserve more than blanket student loan forgiveness that will burden taxpayers and subsidize the wealthy. Americans deserve the freedom and self-government promised by our Founding Fathers — not the Biden administration’s attempt to make all Americans more dependent on the federal government. 

“Republicans stand ready with the solutions needed to make Americans’ lives better and inspire the world.”


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