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Biden Declares “Pandemic is Over” But Still Pushes Illegal Student Loan Bailout

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 28, 2022
Democrats are always seeking new ways to expand federal authority, so it’s no surprise that Biden used the pandemic to circumvent Congress to advance radical policies, including a mass student loan bailout.

What was surprising? The President recently declaring the pandemic was over. Welcome to 2022, Mr. President.

Naturally, Committee Republicans assumed this declaration meant the White House was ending its so-called “loan forgiveness.” But you know what they say when one assumes.

That’s right, folks, Biden is still insisting that gross federal overreach and unilateral actions on student loans are necessary. So taxpayers, buckle up, if this administration’s actions make it past the courts, you’ll be on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars. Already paid your loans? Never went to college? The administration says: sorry, not sorry, pay up.

Don’t forget that this action—stealing from the poor to pay the rich—is ILLEGAL.

Biden claims his authority to carry out mass student loan cancellation stems from the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act (HEROES) Act—a law enacted to help our heroes fighting and protecting our great nation following the attacks on September 11th.

So strange, since this contradicts what Speaker Pelosi and Biden have said on multiple occasions—there is no authority for the President to cancel student loans. Once again, Democrats are carrying out a reckless, hypocritical, and costly gambit and taxpayers will have to foot the bill.   
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