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Biden is Using Your Money for Mass Loan Cancelation

Despite being rebuked at multiple points, the Biden administration is continuing to make false promises to students and promoting its student loan debt scheme. While the student loan “forgiveness” scheme has been the most prominently discussed, President Biden is using executive fiat to rewrite existing loan programs, irresponsibly extend the student loan repayment pause, and much more. According to American Enterprise Institute fellow Michael Brickman, the Biden administration’s lesser-known loan actions have already added up to nearly $50 billion in cancelled loans (and rising).
The $50 billion is just what we know. There is an untold amount about to be billed to the American people. For example, this administration is manipulating repayment programs and allowing borrowers to count their months of not repaying loans during the pandemic repayment pause toward their “earned” forgiveness.
The Biden administration is after mass student loan cancelation and wants to use your money to pay for it. In so doing, he is abusing his executive authority and subverting the Constitutional process of how laws are written and federal bills are paid.

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