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Foxx Named Chair of Education and the Workforce Committee

Today, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) released the following statement after being selected by the Steering Committee to serve as Chairwoman of the Education and the Workforce Committee for the 118th Congress:

“I am deeply honored by the trust placed in me by my colleagues to chair a committee whose work touches the lives of every American. I do not take this trust or responsibility lightly. I will use my position to protect the rights of workers, job creators, students, and parents.

“To officials in the Biden administration: think about investing in a parking space on Capitol Hill—you will be here often. Conducting vigorous and sustained oversight of the federal government, especially the Departments of Education and Labor, will be among my top priorities. We must stop this administration’s reckless and destructive regulatory agenda. In two short years, the Biden administration erected innumerable hurdles to the American Dream, but I am committed to tearing those hurdles down.

“Americans should be free to work, build, and educate their children as they see fit. Under the Biden administration, these fundamental rights are besieged, but I am committed to safeguarding them. It is time to restore Constitutional government in America.”


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