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Foxx to Su: Will You Testify on May 17?

WASHINGTON – Today, Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) sent a follow-up letter to Acting Secretary Su to ask whether she plans to accept Chairwoman Foxx’s invitation to testify before the Committee on May 17. Chairwoman Foxx sent the initial request on April 18, detailing the Department of Labor’s lack of responsiveness and the Committee’s need to hold Su accountable for her alarming record at the agency as the driving factor behind having Su testify. The Department of Labor’s failure to respond continues to display the agency’s now trademark blatant disregard for oversight.
In the letter, Foxx writes: “I sent you a letter inviting you to testify at a full Committee hearing on May 17. Now, more than a week having passed, I write seeking your response. Will you confirm that you will appear before the Committee on the date requested in my invitation?”
Foxx continues: “As I noted in my invitation, I am troubled that you are more interested in protecting your record before the Senate acts on your nomination to become the Secretary of Labor than you are in fulfilling your obligation to answer questions posed by members of the Committee. I was further concerned that you are avoiding answering questions posed by Committee members before a potential consideration of your nomination by the Senate.”
Foxx concludes: “Committee staff provided your staff with ample time for you to consider dates and prepare your testimony. You are now failing to return that courtesy by letting time pass without a response to my letter. … I ask you again: Will you confirm that you will appear before the Committee on May 17?”
Read the full letter here.

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