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@EdWorkforceCmte Pass Bills to Bolster Telehealth and Preserve Education

WASHINGTON – Today, the Education and the Workforce Committee passed H.R. 824, the Telehealth Benefit Expansion for Workers Act of 2023, which will help ensure workers do not lose access to critical telehealth services they have come to rely on for the past three years. The Committee also passed H.R. 3941, the Schools Not Shelters Act, which puts the academic success and safety of America’s students first.

During the markup, Chairwoman Foxx said: “Telehealth is a lasting solution to the concerns of accessibility and flexibility, and it’s quickly become apparent that it’s here to stay. The industry has so much room to grow, but only if Congress lets it. The Telehealth Benefit Expansion for Workers Act does just that by allowing employers to offer standalone telehealth coverage. … Across the country in blue state strongholds, Democrats are harboring migrants in public school and college facilities. These actions are an unacceptable consequence of the administration’s open border policies, as Americans know that housing the surge of migrants in education facilities is unsustainable and inappropriate. [H.R. 3941] would put an end to that. … Schoolchildren are at risk of losing precious resources, or worse, at risk of physically being put in harm’s way if we do not pass this bill.”
H.R. 824, the Telehealth Benefit Expansion for Workers Act of 2023:

  • Allows employers to offer standalone telehealth coverage.
  • Helps alleviate provider shortages, increases access to mental health services, lowers the cost of care for patients by widening provider networks, and provides timely access to medical care to individuals in rural areas.
H.R. 3941, the Schools Not Shelters Act:
  • Prohibits public K-12 and postsecondary education facilities from receiving federal financial assistance if they are used as emergency housing for migrants, rather than for educating students.
  • Sends a clear message from Congress that schools are for educating students, not supporting President Biden’s bad policies.
Full video of the markup can be found here.
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