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What They Are Saying: Republican Health Care Solutions for Small Businesses

For more than 30 years, small businesses have cited health care costs as their number one issue. Republicans have solutions that would provide immediate relief to job creators and working Americans.

First, the Self-Insurance Protection Act (SIPA) protects small businesses’ access to stop-loss insurance, a financial tool that helps employers self-insure and protects them from catastrophic costs. Second, the Association Health Plans Act increases health coverage options and lowers costs for small businesses by expanding association health plans.

Today, the House will vote on the CHOICE Arrangement Act (H.R. 3799), which includes both of these Education and the Workforce Committee bills. 

Here’s what they are saying about the Self-Insurance Protection Act:

“We believe it is necessary for Congress to act to preserve choice when it comes to offering health benefits to workers, and to prevent arbitrary limitations placed on self-insured group health plans through the regulation of stop-loss insurance. SIPA accomplishes this by clarifying existing law to ensure that Federal regulators cannot re-define stop-loss insurance as traditional health insurance under the law.” - Ryan Work, Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc.

“SIPA… will lower health plan costs and encourage businesses to continue to offer coverage, which is often less expensive and provides more access to doctors, specialists, hospitals, and drugs than government-run programs. To help small businesses nationwide, Congress should pass SIPA to protect choices for small businesses and their workers in every state.” - Joel White, Council for Affordable Health Coverage

“Bureaucratic red tape and regulatory burdens make accessing these plans challenging for certain employers. By ensuring that self-insured plans have access to appropriate and affordable stop-loss insurance, this legislation provides small businesses with the necessary protections, enabling them to offer competitive health insurance coverage to their employees.” - Kevin Kuhlman, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

“We…strongly support H.R. 2813, the Self-Insurance Protection Act, legislation that will protect the ability of smaller employers who self-fund their plans to access stop-loss insurance coverage to protect against the risk of high dollar claims. State regulatory limits (e.g., “attachment points”) that seek to determine which employers should or should not self-fund are arbitrary by nature and may keep smaller employers from offering common coverage across state lines.” - Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage 

Here’s what they are saying about the Association Health Plans Act:

“Association Health Plans (AHPs)… level the playing field between large employers and small businesses, which are subject to more regulation and benefit mandates... The Association Health Plan Act would protect and expand the ability of small businesses to participate in AHPs. This legislation improves existing regulations to allow for industry-based and non-industry-based small businesses to establish an AHP.” - Kevin Kuhlman, National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

“We support AHPs as they allow smaller groups to gain regulatory and economic benefits of a large group plan—enabling them to band together to manage risk and lower costs… The NC Chamber supports new legislation such as HR 2868 that will meaningfully establish association health plans in our state, as we know they will provide a valuable and essential coverage option, particularly for small businesses who need this health care option to care for their people.” - Gary Salamido, NC Chamber

“This legislation would support cost-effective and quality insurance coverage for more Americans, including self-employed real estate professionals seeking and needing critical health care services. The AHP Act expands the definition of employer and employee to include self-employed individuals, including real estate professionals.” - Kenny Parcell, National Association of REALTORS

“Congress must fix AHPs. A good start would be to pass H.R. 2868 to ensconce AHPs in statute, clarify regulatory authority, and expand AHPs as an option for employers… The ability of small businesses to offer health plans will help them and the economy grow, create jobs, and expand competition. Association Health Plans give them an edge, providing more robust benefits than Obamacare or Medicaid, at lower out of pocket costs to employees. To help small businesses nationwide, Congress should pass the AHP Act to expand coverage options, lower health costs, and expand access to affordable coverage.” - Joel White, Council for Affordable Health Coverage

“Congress should pass H.R. 2868, the Association Health Plans Act (AHPA), to empower employers to band together and use their collective strength to negotiate lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs while offering better coverage for their workers at a lower price.” - (Joint Letter) Associated General Contractors of America; Council for Affordable Health Coverage; MLD Foundation; Main Street Freedom Alliance; National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors; National Federation of Independent Business; Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council; The Coalition to Protect and Promote Association Health Plans; U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“By increasing options for small businesses to provide coverage through AHPs, better-designed tax incentives, and telehealth benefits, policymakers can ensure that more individuals have not merely an insurance card, but true coverage that is less expensive and of higher quality.” - American Action Forum 
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