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Foxx on Pending SCOTUS Student Loan Case: We Need to Stop This Illegal Scheme

In Case You Missed It, Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) joined Fox Business to weigh in on Biden’s student loan debt transfer scheme and historic declines in math and reading scores among students. Excerpts from Chairwoman Foxx’s interview:
On President Biden’s student loan debt transfer scheme:
“We need to stop this illegal scheme to tax the American people more to pay for the loans that other people took out willingly. 
“These people borrowed money. Many of them are making six figures. They’re lawyers, doctors, [and] professional people who owe the taxpayers quite a bit of money, and the Biden administration is cynically trying to buy votes by transferring the debt of 13 percent of the people in this country to the 87 percent of the people who don’t owe it. 
“The people who went to college—most of them have borrowed money—paid it back. Many people like myself worked through college. We did it the right way. 
“What the President has done is wrong. He’s going around Congress. This [scheme] could not get through Congress and they know that.” 
On students’ historic declines in math and reading scores:
“Our school systems are being held hostage to the unions in many, many places. We, of course, went through COVID when, again, the unions kept the schools closed unnecessarily.  
“Our students are being very, very poorly served in what are known as public, or we call government schools. If you look at the scores of students outside the government schools, they’re not doing as poorly. 
“Our education system in this country—at all levels—is broken, and we need to repair it. Republicans on the Education and the Workforce Committee are working to do that. 
“[Students] need choice. We want to see students and parents have choice for where their children go to school.“
Watch the full interview here.
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