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Foxx Reacts to Damning Report of Chinese Donations Flooding America’s K-12 Schools

WASHINGTON – Today, Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) issued the following statement in response to a recent report from Parents Defending Education (PDE) that reveals the Chinese Communist Party’s financial grip on America’s K-12 schools:

“It remains our solemn responsibility to slap away the hands of malign foreign actors whenever they attempt to interfere in America’s classrooms. No matter where they may live in our nation, parents deserve reassurance that their children will not be subjected to the propaganda of our nation’s adversaries. Malign doctrine has no place in America’s schools.

“Today’s report from PDE has laid bare the extent to which China’s government has infiltrated schools across America – by means of both Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms. PDE’s thorough investigation has exposed a litany of security risks directly related to student safety, the vulnerability of curriculums, and the threats to intellectual property.

“These damning revelations beget diligent oversight from all levels of our government. The Committee on Education and the Workforce will remain vigilant for all threats to America’s future leaders and will do everything possible to quash Chinese influence in our nation’s schools.”

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