Promoting Limited Government and Personal Freedom

Democrats in Congress and the administration have launched an unprecedented expansion of the federal government. Whether it is the failed stimulus bill, a national energy tax, or government takeovers of health care and student loans, Democrat policies vastly increase the power of the federal government while undermining the basic rights and fundamental freedoms of the American people.

The United States was founded on the principles of limited government and personal freedom. These basic principles are the keys to our prosperity and happiness. Republicans believe that to renew our economy and ensure future generations enjoy every opportunity to succeed, public policy must promote these cherished national values. Republicans will conduct oversight activities to ensure the federal government lives within its means and respects its limited constitutional authority.

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House Republicans Fight against President Obama’s Government Takeover of Student Loans

House Republicans Fight against President Obama’s Government Takeover of Health Care

Oversight of the Government Takeover of the Auto Industry

Investigations into other Government Intrusions into Students’ and Workers’ Lives

Government Invasion of Student Privacy
Government Intrusion into Higher Education Curriculum
Government Intrusion into 401(k)/Defined Contribution Retirement Plans