• Kline and Foxx: Getting politics out of student loans
    May 23, 2013  - Bipartisan compromise is tough to find in Washington right now — but when there is opportunity for agreement, we owe it to the American people to take action. In the coming weeks, millions of student-loan borrowers could see their interest rates double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. We’re in this... More
  • ICYMI: Reforming student loans is off to a good start
    May 21, 2013  - Congress has only begun working on student loans this year, and already it’s going better than last year’s debacle. Election-year politics drove Congress and the White House to endorse a bumper-sticker policy — keep loan rates from doubling! — instead of looking at the substance. Lawmakers rushed t... More
  • ICYMI: Judge Strikes Down Several Provisions of ‘Gainful Employment’ Rule
    Jul 2, 2012  - A federal judge has vacated several provisions of the controversial “gainful employment” rule, which the Department of Education issued last year in an effort to ensure that federal student-aid dollars flowing to vocational programs were good investments and helping prepare students for jobs that p... More
  • ICYMI: Student Loans and Double Standards
    Jun 13, 2012  - President Obama likes to say that everyone in America should "play by the same rules." Okay, so then why does the Administration's new student-loan rule apply to for-profit colleges, but not nonprofits? The regulations that go into effect in July cut off federal student aid to career and technical ... More
  • ICYMI: Market can fix student loans
    Jun 11, 2012  - By Rep. John Kline (R-MN) Unless Congress takes action, student loan interest rates for millions of borrowers will double in just a few short weeks. The House has already done its part by approving the Interest Rate Reduction Act, bipartisan legislation that will prevent a scheduled interest rate i... More
  • ICYMI: Unrepaired Education Department System Leaves Thousands Stuck in Default
    Apr 20, 2012  - Student loan borrowers continue to come forward with troubling stories of the problems plaguing the Department of Education’s management of the Direct Loan Program and, worse, the Obama administration’s seeming inability to address widespread complaints. An article in today’s edition of The Chronicl... More
  • ICYMI: No Way Out of Default
    Apr 18, 2012  - Since Democrats put the Department of Education in charge of originating and overseeing every new higher education loan in the country, a growing number of borrowers have expressed frustration with a range of problems plaguing the Direct Loan Program, from poor customer service and breaches in perso... More